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Capital Analytics began with the simple idea that we could do it better. We had often worked with clients frustrated by previous experiences with flawed solutions, poor client service and misinformation. We wanted to help clients find the best solution for their current problem, that also fit within their budget, user culture and future planning. We set out to work in a flexible way to assess facts and expectation; to talk through options, innovation and possibilities, so that we could build truly tailor made solutions to transform data into success. Our team of partners and principal consultants represents over 40 years combine experiences and guarantees that we can deliver on our promise.

Reinventing ethics for the digital age

Acting with integrity is at the heart of our company. It is not just the best form of professionalism, it ensures that we can work together to provide the best solutions and services for clients. It improves everyone’s performance and protects our clients, staff and company in today’s complex business and regulatory environment. Integrity is our foundation for build satisfying, collaborative and enduring relationships with clients and partners.

Talented, Innovative, helpful Consultants

We have a flexible team of individuals with diverse skills and specialist abilities available to realise your vision of project success. Our team leverages off deep industry knowledge and extensive experience in partnering with government agencies and departments to deploy robust and reusable digital solutions and services.

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Capital Analytics had the opportunity to simply deliver what was asked in its most basic terms, and instead chose to share knowledge based on best practice and strong experience to ensure the product provided is of a very high standard, suitable to the Department’s landscape and intuitive enough for a broad range of users. Consideration has been provided to both the initial solution and the flow-on effects of that solution, such as the future reporting outcomes and data streams.

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