What can RPA really do to your organisation?

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I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about virtual robots.  They have something of a negative reputation in government circles. Many peoples only exposure has been the ‘Robo-debt’ mess, bolstered by general scaremongering from B grade SciFi movies that they are destined to take over the world.  But the reality is a lot more subtle and positive. 

A number of departments have begun deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or Bots discreetly across selective systems. They are being increasingly used in business to support transactional processing, data manipulation and automated communications.  The capability of Bots is expanding rapidly, as are the variety of Bots available from simple keystroke recording, backroom processing unattended TASK BOTS, to the more sophisticated META BOTS and IQ BOTS.  I’m using the descriptors of bots in the Automation Anywhere RPA suite, but the variation in bots is growing across all providers. 

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Our view is quite simple – virtual bots serve people.  Bots are best thought of as complementary tools that can work hand in hand with people to help them to work better, smarter and more creatively.  We are not spruiking the pitch that ‘Bot will free people up to handle ‘human-specific’ tasks’ – whatever they are? We are suggesting that rule-based repetitive or complex data-related tasks can be done by Bots to support your productivity and accuracy targets. Government departments have had an employment freeze for years and while Bots are not a perfect solution they can be some of it, by helping to ease your workloads.  Automation Anywhere Bots are easy to use and can support a variety of data-related activities.  – contact us if you would like to hear more.

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