Enhance the transparency of your organisations reporting obligations to the Department of Finance with a pre-built Capital Analytics solution, powered by the IBM Planning Analytics platform.


CoBRA X is a powerful External Budgeting and Analytics Application for all government agencies.  It delivers an intuitive web-based interface that will guide users through the complex Commonwealth budgeting process, providing a level of detail and insight into the organisation’s financials that is typically buried in a myriad of offline supporting documentation.  

CoBRA X knows the predefined rules of the CBMS and generates meaningful cashflow, reporting and adjustments across monthly and annual periods for both Estimates and Actuals. It is an invaluable new Application for populating the financials for Departmental Yellow Books*

CoBRA xi infograph

It has been designed to mitigate the need for the External Budget team to crosscheck all of the CBMS’s unique rules, structures, validations and requirements because they are pre-programmed into CoBRA X.  This capacity will improve the team’s productivity, by increasing the ease and speed of reporting, and rationalising the external budgeting processes. 

CoBRA X has been created to interface seamlessly with our internal budgeting Application CoBRA I. It can also interface with any generic internal budgeting solutions.  The advantages of using the applications together is improved functionality and streamlined connectivity. 

It is available either on cloud or on-premises, the following modules are available as part of your CoBRA X implementation: Annual Estimates, Monthly Estimates, Annual Actuals, Monthly Actuals.

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