Performance Management

Rethink and transform legacy processes for budgeting, forecasting, strategic planning and reporting into agile, flexible and efficient systems.

Our performance management solutions are based on the powerful IBM Planning Analytics platform – IBM TM1 ©. The intention of Capital Analytics developed solutions is to provide business self-service capability, minimal ongoing maintenance and fast deployment—together with the flexibility and completeness of capabilities you need to drive efficiency, increase agility and deliver stronger foresight.

Our solutions will speed up cycle times and improve staff productivity by automating time-consuming manual planning, budgeting and forecasting legacy processes.

The solutions will support business adapt to changing political, market and organisational conditions more quickly by linking operational decisions to financial plans based on dynamic, driver-based models. You can uncover predictive insights automatically from financial and operational data and then incorporate these insights into reliable plans, analyses and forecasts for smarter, faster decision making throughout the enterprise.

Key Capabilities

  • A customizable planning and analytics workspace
  • Access to internal and external data through automated data integration: Operational, Financial, HR data, Policy, Grants, Project data etc
  • Business-led design for planning, analysis and scorecarding
  • A solution catalog of pre-configured solutions to accelerate adoption and increase ROI
  • A platform that allows customised workflow and web-based data input screens for your data collection needs, don’t be limited to your imagination
  • Data discovery and predictive analytics powered by IBM Watson Analytics
  • Integral use of the Microsoft Excel interface to speed adoption and leverage existing skills


  • Budgeting and Forecasting
    • Workforce Planning (discuss options)
    • Revenue Modelling
    • Capital Expenses
    • Travel
    • IT Costs
  • Workforce Tracking Tool
  • Project Costings and Reporting Tool
  • Funding Pressures
  • Activity-Based Management
  • Resource Tracking Tool

Capital Analytics had the opportunity to simply deliver what was asked in its most basic terms, and instead chose to share knowledge based on best practice and strong experience to ensure the product provided is of a very high standard, suitable to the Department’s landscape and intuitive enough for a broad range of users. Consideration has been provided to both the initial solution and the flow-on effects of that solution, such as the future reporting outcomes and data streams.

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