Developer: IBM Planning Analytics/Cognos TM1

Course Overview

Learn how to build a basic cube model in TM1 using Perspectives over five days. Students will set up and verify dimensions, cubes, and views; manually enter data into these structures; define the data that can be seen and transfer data into the TM1 model, including the use of Turbo Integrator processes and Rules. The prerequisites are:  experienced with TM1 and Microsoft Excel, ideally attended the Ender user and Rapid reporting training courses by Capital Analytics. Solid understanding of the metrics and drivers of your business.

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Overview of IBM Planning Analytics:

  • TM1 Architecture for models, dimensions, cubes and rules
  • Understanding Server architecture
  • Data storage requirements
  • Capital Analytics Naming conventions
  • Capital Analytics Core design principles

Build Dimensions, Cubes and loading Data

  • Creating dimensions manually and using TurboIntegrator
  • Defining Elements with weights and attributes
  • Understand the model and build a cube
  • Name conventions and creating a view
  • Creating a pick lists
  • Review data structure and source
  • Load data into TurboIntegrator

>Working with Rules

  • View model and create a rule
  • Create pick list to control the cube
  • Understanding consolidation and sparsity
  • Using SKIPCHECK for rules
  • Using feeder statements
  • Inter-cube feeders
  • Troubleshooting rules and feeders
  • Understanding string rules

Transfer Data

  • Move data between versions
  • Use Chores in the TurboIntegrator to create and schedule a chore
  • Create subsets in TurboIntegrator

Customise Drill Paths

  • Create a Drill path to view another cube
  • Create a Drill path to an ODBC source

Advanced Modelling and Data Structures

  • Virtual and Lookup Cubes
  • Spreading profiles and attribute rules
  • TM1 Metadata model
  • Distinguishing databases: operational and reporting
  • Examine: fact tables, reporting data, dimensional tables, operational data
  • Identifying OLAP data structures



Intermediate Excel skills
End User
Rapid Reporting

TM1 Administration experience


  • Number of Days: 5
  • Cost: $4950.00 (including GST)
  • CourseID: Cognos


Entrance A
Level 1, Unit 30
2 King Street
Deakin Canberra ACT
Parking and Cafe available on site

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